Software Update - We are nearing the launch of a trading software suite 19 years in the making! An application so different from anything currently ava...



The current trading environment is unlike anything it resembled just a few short years ago. Professional algorithmic trading now accounts for between 60%-70% of daily trading volumes and is growing rapidly, more than double the share of just a decade ago! Wall Street continues to be the destination for the top mathematics and computer science graduates from America's top universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford and Wharton, among others. As retail traders, we are now required to compete against the quantitative and high-frequency trading programs created by these most gifted minds; and the trading firms that direct their trading strategies.

In the lower day-trading time frames their trading volumes are skewing the effectiveness of Wyckoff's original price/volume techniques and this problem is growing.

Trader's Code has the solution and is close to launching this trading software solution to the trading world. We expect to go live, on this website in June 2018.

Please stay tuned!