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Wyckoff Analysis Series Trading Course

Hi Todd: I thought your seminar was outstanding, perfectly paced and very focused. You were confident of your material, enthusiastic and obviously there to share. There was a lot of new information and new ways of analyzing the price charts but it was presented so logically as to seem almost self-evident in retrospect. I hope traders who are unfamiliar with price/volume analysis appreciate how important it is. It really does provide the philosophical underpinnings of your new method.

As I was reminiscing about the day over a glass (or two) of wine last night, I was struck by a novel idea from your session: Whereas fundamental analysis tells you "why" and technical analysis, "when," your merger of candle, volume and S/R analysis tells you both in a trader's timeframe. Wyckoff volume analysis tells you "why"--because of the supply/demand imbalance revealed by the activity of smart money. Candle analysis combined with S/R levels tell you "when"--when a change in directional price action is most probable. You've turned the trade setup into a triangulation of three separate and independent chart elements. None of the three is derivative and each is independently probable by way of its own unique logic. That is a pretty neat concept!

Mike M.

Great Videos Todd! I really showed dramatic improvement trading today based on your course!!

Brian D.

Todd: What a great course! I just finished my first time through the DVDs last night and had the chance to view the principles in action this morning. I was able to watch the Dow drift lower and lower until the "test" gave the signal that supply was gone and the rally began. Looking back over my standard indicators, I saw that they had been signaling on every potential move but none could identify the real change in price direction. I know it is going to take some time to correctly apply the principles but for the first time in my trading career I understand the framework that makes the Market work!

Craig W.

Thanks Todd! When I read the description of your course on the website I really thought you had something that could help my trading. To say WOW is an understatement! After I watched your videos I could see exactly why some of my prior trades were sure losers, I was entering my trade against the smart money and I will never do that again! Thank you for sharing this knowledge, I will use it for the rest of my trading career!

Dave B.

Hi Todd: I just wanted to say thank you, your presentation of the materials was great. It was by far the most effective trading seminar that I have purchased.

Bruce F.

Dear Todd: Many thanks for the incredible effort it must have taken to create this course material.

Brad M.

Todd... I am still working on the DVD set I purchased last week, great information, thanks, I am already using it! I am ordering the Foundational Chart Analysis Series Support/Resistance Techniques of Professional Traders trading course now because I am sure it will be of great help. I am looking forward to more weekly videos. I have been trading for many years now using the standard indicators and have had up and down success, Wyckoff Volume Analysis makes a great deal of sense and I am already looking at and reading charts differently, thanks. I look forward to more courses from you, I know that you mentioned that you would be putting together a course for seasonal commodities trading, I look forward to that. Keep up the great work.

Terry L.

Dear Todd: To just say thank you for producing this wonderful trading course seems woefully inadequate! You have truly opened my eyes to how the markets really work! I have been an active trader for over 10 years but like most retail traders, it has been a chaotic and mostly fruitless endeavor. I should say that it was, until I watched your Wyckoff course that is. It has truly changed my approach to trading. I can now see where I went wrong in the past, I was trading against the professional traders positions, it is no wonder why my trades were hit and miss for all of those years. Again, thank you so much for making this course available!

Matt C.

Foundational Chart Analysis Series Support/Resistance Techniques of Professional Traders Trading Course

Dear Todd: Your Foundational Chart Analysis Series S/R seminar was a phenomenal learning experience! I think the questions you were expecting did not come because you are an excellent have a special gift of explaining and presenting highly complex theories into simple applications....Bravo!

I am a better trader for taking your seminar. Thank you for taking the time to care for people. Everything was super. Could you please autograph the DVD jacket, you are a future Legend and I would like to hold the DVDs in my Legends of TA .

Richard J.

Hi Todd: I am just excited now to be able to see some structure and reason on my chart to support my trading decisions. You were right when you said how most traders get locked in front of their PC mesmerized as they watch the price tick up and down. I now understand that I have been in analysis paralysis for some time, the reason being that I kept re-analyzing the same data over and over until I missed the trade. Now that I can be doing something constructive that gives support to my trading decisions, I feel much more involved and in control.

Wayne D.

Hi Todd: Thank you for the DVDs. I got them right away and they are absolutely fantastic. I am only half way through but I can already tell that this is very powerful stuff. I love how thorough and clear your analysis is. It is generous of you to have put all this experience together and made it accessible to a wider audience.

Stephane S.

Hello Todd: I just want to tell you how fast things are taking shape. After going through the first 2 DVDs I went back to check my set-up along with applying my newly learned analysis on the chart...WOW Incredible!!!!! And I am just getting started... what to speak of using the other new found knowledge that I am learning, this is some AWESOME STUFF!!!! My approach with this is to really study and take my time to let it sink in. Great presentation by the way!!! Thanks my friend!!

Kenneth P.

Hi Todd: Thanks for putting together such a results producing trading course. It is remarkable how you teach us to quantify the actual strength of a support or resistance level on a price chart. I wanted to let you know how much that has helped me to determine my position size and initial stop levels! It is so incredible to have the most of the critical support and resistance levels mapped out before the trading day even begins, this has really helped me to stop my previous tendency to overtrade as I used to take every trade set-up that occurred on my chart. Now I know where the true levels are that are likely to produce winning trades. Thank you and please let me know when you produce your next course.

Connie C.