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Wyckoff Analysis Series - Module 1: Wyckoff Volume Analysis - 3 DVD Trading Course

Wyckoff Analysis Series - Module 1: Wyckoff Volume Analysis - 3 DVD Trading Course

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Smart Money’s Trading Secrets Revealed: The Essential Information Required to Enable You to Win!

This powerful trading course exposes the market tactics and maneuvers used by smart money traders to consistently hoodwink the uninformed trader from their money. Almost all retail traders lose their money to these market professionals. Why? Because they have never developed the chart reading skills necessary to reveal which side of the trade the smart money are really on. Think about all those times that you may have bought market highs and then immediately, after placing your trade, the market drops. What happened? The smart money moved the price to establish a following and in doing so, manipulated the perception of the general public (the herd) into falsely believing that the market would continue on to much higher prices. This course teaches you how they do it and how to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. More importantly, it teaches you how to use the smart money to win in the markets that you trade in!

The major challenge that today’s retail trader faces is that all of the retail-biased trading tools that they’re using aren’t designed to reveal the movements and positioning of the professional trader. When these market turns occur, the trading tools they are using are firing buy signals at the top of the market and sell signals at the bottom of the market and they are left to scratch their heads and try to figure out what went wrong with this seemingly great trade set-up. In reality, the problem originates from the tools that they are using. When these tools are used in isolation they virtually guarantee consistent trading losses. Very few retail traders ever become aware of this as they are continuously exposed to trading concepts developed by retail traders and marketed as can’t miss trading systems. The more the retail trader loses, the more they look for the new “sure thing”, it becomes a never ending treadmill for most traders as they can see that some people are obviously winning in the market and they are forever in search of the next great system.

What you will learn in this course that’s different from anything else available to the public is the ability to think for yourself! You will learn how to read a chart with cold, hard logic and not get your emotions involved in making your trading decisions. You will learn to read the signs that the smart money must leave on the price chart as they play their inventory game with the public. Yes, you read that correctly, this is simply an inventory game for the smart money. They force the retail trader to sell when they are buying (accumulating) at low prices (wholesale) and they force you to buy when they are selling (distributing) and establishing short positions at high (retail) prices. The cold, harsh reality is that this is the way all freely traded markets must behave in order to transfer wealth from the unsuspecting many to the very skilled few. This course teaches you how to identify the supply and demand imbalances that are created by smart money and then take the same positions as they do and beat them at their own game!

Who is Wyckoff and why is this course titled Wyckoff Volume Analysis? In the late 19th and early 20th century a professional trader and analyst named Richard D. Wyckoff discovered that he could detect the movement of the professional smart money traders by simply analyzing a price/volume chart. He uncovered the critical relationship between price, volume and time that occurs in each of the 4 market stages that all freely traded markets must progress through (accumulation, mark-up, distribution and mark-down). The irony is that it’s their massive buying and selling activity that creates unmistakable price/volume patterns on your chart, yet unless you’re properly trained; you will always be deceived by their activity! In essence, Wyckoff taught the retail trader how to play the trading game like a professional. Throughout the 20th century, Wyckoff’s work eluded most retail traders because it was too complex and required a great deal of effort and study to master the concepts and trade effectively with the methodology.

Traders Code introduces the world’s easiest to master course on Wyckoff analysis methods ever offered to the public. Todd takes you through all of these previously perceived complex methods, in his straight-forward and inimitable style, so you can gain an indispensable edge in your trading!

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn from this 3 DVD Home Study Course:

• How to Identify the Imbalance of Supply/Demand from the Smart Money
• Determine Which Side of the Market the Smart Money is Trading From
• Understand How Smart Money Moves Price to Manipulate the Public’s Perception
• Recognize How Smart Money Creates the Fear/Greed Cycle in the Public
• How to Profit from the Herd Mentality Created by the Smart Money
• Expose the Inventory Cycle used by the Smart Money
• The Importance of Multiple Timeframe Analysis to Confirm Smart Money’s True Intentions
• How the Media Assists the Smart Money in Manipulating the Public
• Understand the Psychology of Professional Traders from the Price Chart
• The 7 Common Retail Trader Traps and How You can Avoid Them
• 3 Surefire Techniques to Identify Market Strength
• 3 Surefire Techniques to Identify Market Weakness
• Money Making Secrets Revealed that will Improve Your Trading Results

There is no substitute in your trading career for this knowledge and there is no other place in the world that you can acquire this knowledge. It is the easiest to understand, most affordable and results producing Wyckoff training course available in the marketplace today!

Because the information in this course contains proprietary trading knowledge, you will be required to agree to abide by a non-disclosure agreement during the checkout process. Also, because of the nature of the proprietary information, there are no refunds available. Thank you for your understanding.

Wyckoff Analysis Series - Module 1: Wyckoff Volume Analysis - 3 DVD Trading Course
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